Starting in electrical engineering and ending in cognitive neuroscience, I took an unconventional path through academia, but found my diverse interests merge in the designs I create. My studies ran in parallel with my IT career, teaching, tutoring, and graduate research.

After working in IT for many years, I wanted to dig deeper into how the technology I worked with functioned, so I began studying electrical engineering, most recently at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and picked up a physics degree along the way. However, I found a more interesting and complex computational system: the human mind and brain, so I switched my emphasis to cognitive neuroscience. Understanding how computers work helps me understand how the brain works and vise-versa.

In my graduate program at San Francisco State University I researched cognitive neuroscience, action production and interference, the contrasts between conscious and unconscious processes, unconscious visual processing, prospective memory, and the relationship between movements and working memory. I also build custom electronic devices for experiments in the lab. I got a lot of joy out of helping my colleagues use technology to help answer their questions about the mind and brain. Sharing the results of our experiments at conferences was also very rewarding. Take a look at some of the posters in Publications for a sample of my research.


B.A. Psychology, cum laude, San Francisco State University (2008)
A.S. Physics, with honors, Mesa College (2005)