Flowering Cactus

Light-up Flowering Cactus

This installation allowed and encouraged visitors to reconfigure the light up flowers on the Prickly Pear like cactus. It was one our collaborative pieces at the 2012 Festival of Creativity at the Mesa Arts Center. The lights were wirelessly powered and magnetically attached, so they could be easily moved from frond to frond, slowly dimming as they were pulled from the fronds and relighting as they got closer to another frond. We provided many colors for the visitors to experiment with, who were astonished to discover there were no wires attaching them or batteries powering them.

We custom designed the circuit boards and antennae for this installation and are currently working on other wireless power applications for interactive art and games. Contact me if you are looking for a similar installation, or are interested in how we built this one.


The flowering cactus in action


Close-up view of one of the flowers