Musical Stream

Activating the lights and sounds through the water

In this project, for the 2012 Festival of Creativity at the Mesa Arts Center we modified an existing water sculpture to become interactive. Interacting with the sculpture, it would light up, play music, and control a huge mapped projection in front of you. We collaborated with many local artists to complete this ambitious project. Doteki, my design firm, focused on the sensors, lighting, control, and communication systems for this beautiful and fun installation.


Permanent water table sculpture before we made it interactive

Here you can see someone interacting with the installation with their hands, turning the water into a musical instrument. In addition to using your hands, the installation could also detect specially designed objects that would float in the stream, triggering different sounds and lighting effects. Unique localized object detection through 5 inches of water, glass, and colored marbles was quite a challenge, but it was well worth it to see so many people play with a sculpture they would normally enjoy from a distance.


At Doteki we are passionate about enhancing great art to make it interactive, dynamic, and more engaging to the public.


View of the installation from below

This installation held up wonderfully under heavy use for the entire 10 day festival. At night it was beautiful from above, but during the day it quite beautiful from below as you can see in this rare view showing the sun peeking through the sensors and electronics.


Below you can see some short videos of the installation in use during the festival.


The installation in action


The installation from the user’s point of view, including the mapped projection