Hexaural Pendant

This new version of my  sound reactive pendant has a much more beautiful case design and richer colors while maintaining an impressive 4,000 frames per second. It has an adjustable sensitivity so it looks great reacting to sound from your phone or while you’re hugging a giant speaker at a concert. It also has a slow calming mode that cycles through the colors and looks great even when there’s no music playing.

Sound Reactive Pendant

This glowing pendant reacts to sound, creating a dynamic light show. A video is below, but it can’t show all the detail. The pendant reads the audio levels and updates 3,000 times per second while the video is only at 30 fps. All this in full 24 bit color. An advantage of using LEDs instead of screens is they can update so much faster. No screen you’re looking at can convey the vividness of this light display. You must see it in person.

Sound Reactive Pendant from Doteki on Vimeo.